I want to work in a Bar, do i need an RSA?

Yes, this is a legal requirement if you intend to serve alcohol at any licenced venue or event within Australia.


I’ve never mixed a drink, is the Cocktail Masterclass for me?

Absolutely,  we teach beginners through to advanced.  Focusing on the basics for the new comers and teaching finesse and advanced techniques to the more experienced.  We also offer group bookings for hens party’s, work functions or maybe even a fun way to mix up your first date.


Do I need an RSF to serve food at a venue?

An RSF is not strictly required to serve food, but most venue owners will insist on it to ensure they are not putting the safety of their customers and staff or the reputation of the venue at risk.  It is highly recommend that if you are in a workplace around food, you are appropriately trained with your Responsible  Service of Food certification.


Can I just rock up and pay on the day

No, we have restricted class sizes so booking is essential.


Is it all theory?

All our classes are hands on.  Learn to use the equipment, experience the ingredients, taste the flavors.  Sure there is some theory and compliance paperwork, but we try to keep it balanced to make it a useful, enjoyable real-world experience.


Can I cancel and get a refund?

Yes, as long as you cancel AT LEAST 24 HOURS PRIOR to your scheduled course.


I’m running late to the course, should I even bother?

Please be on time.  If your not, make sure you get in touch admin@friststeptraining.com.au


How often do i need to renew my RSA?

Your RSA must be refreshed every 3 years.


I’m not 18 yet, can I do my RSA?

A person under the age of 18 can complete there RSA but must wait until they are 18 to use it.


Can use my RSA in other States?

If you want to use your Vic RSA in other states you will have to check with the local licencing board, or just to be safe book in with us for to be certified in your state you wish to work.