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First Step Training is your one stop training shop.


We make learning the art of hospitality fun filled and rewarding with a practical hands on approach. Dependent on your desired outcome, First Step provides the way forward in your potential career within the world of hospitality. We even offer a complimentary cocktail or coffee to wash away those classroom blues.




We took our first steps training all the lovely people serving food and drinks at festivals across the country. Ever thought about stepping up and serving like-minded legends with amazing music and good vibes as the backdrop? Or Maybe fine dining and silver service is more your thing? How about pulling beers at the local surf club or sports bar? What ever your aspirations are, we can get you full accredited and skilled up to make your step into the exciting service world.


Our training partners deliver accredited and compliant training modules across a number of key areas. When you book with first step you can rest assured you’ve made the right choice in whatever you future holds.







Group Bookings Available


  • Private Cocktail masterclasses for Hens Party’s.


  • We can come out to your sport club or community group to deliver Food and Bev licencing on your premises to your schedule


  • Routine business compliance courses and refreshers



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3 reviews for Responsible Service of Food (RSF)

  1. Ryan

    I was put through this course as part of my new job at one of the sports stadiums. Having worked in a bar, I thought I knew about food and food service, but quickly found myself in unfamiliar territory. All the content was well explained and interesting and will def be useful, not only at work but even with my (sub-par) home cooking

  2. John

    Dean was a great teacher. I was worried my lack of experience would make it a steep learning curve, but everything was spelled out in a logical way. The group was friendly and a few of us stuck around after for a beer. Highly recommend this course

  3. Elly

    Needed this for work, and you know what, it wasn’t too bad. Learnt plenty and Mitch was a pretty interesting teacher.

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